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MayThird Sunday Meet-up

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MayThird Sunday Meet-up


From May through July, Lansing Yarn-Antics will meet only once a month on the Third Sunday of the month. I will arrive at noon and stay until at least 1:30p. I will leave at 1:30p if no one shows.

Also, good news - there will be no smoking now at Sir Pizza. It hasn't been much of a problem in the past during our meeting time but now it will not be an issue at all. So come in to smoke free!

In August, I will schedule a meetup for the second Sunday. At that time, we will decide what our plans will be for meet-ups for September through April or May of 2011. Plan to come with ideas on what would increase our member participation.
Sir Pizza
201 E Grand Riv · Lansing, MI
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